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Paid Search

PPC sits at the very heart of Kinase and is the basis on which we built the agency. We are excited that after many years it continues to evolve in new and interesting ways meaning there’s always something new to learn or a way to give our clients an additional competitive advantage.


Paid Social

Paid social is another area that has now evolved to a point where we can optimise it as a performance channel. Facebook product ads combine the best elements of Shopping with additional audience insights.

There are also powerful opportunities to leverage Paid Search data to improve Paid Social performance. This includes building audiences based on search intent, and leveraging the top performing product groups from Google Shopping.


Shopping & Feeds

Closely related to traditional PPC and now surpassing it in sales value for many retailers, Shopping campaigns on Google and Bing nonetheless require a separate set of techniques to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Kinase will work with existing suppliers or provide a standalone feed solution which can be optimised for structure and contents to provide the best possible basis for activity. We then apply novel solutions to account structure, monitoring and bid optimisation to maximise performance.

As early adopters of Shopping in 2012, Kinase featured in one of the first Google case studies on Product Listing Ads as they were then known. We have continued to innovate just as Google has continued to develop the product and todays solutions are barely recognisable from before.


Programmatic Display / Youtube etc.

With the arrival of programmatic display, the performance metrics and optimisation techniques which we have honed on PPC can now be applied to Display to drive measurable ROI and other well quantified benefits. Simultaneously technology is converging with data and audiences from PPC directly transferable to Display and vice versa.

The opportunities will only increase. For instance with Customer Match, messaging from the CRM programme can be coordinated across PPC, Gmail Sponsored Promotions and YouTube. Views who interact with the Youtube ad can then be further added to remarketing lists for a truly joined up experience.

Kinase provides remarketing, prospecting and branding display services.


Consulting & In-housing Services

Consulting for established teams

Kinase also provides the benefit of our expertise to companies who run performance marketing in house – or would like to.

Kinase has helped a variety of companies to get more out of their PPC, including M&S and C&A.

In-housing support

Even the best in-house team can benefit from the outside perspective of a specialised agency sometimes. This can be in response to a specific need such as a major project like a restructure or adopting a new tool, or a more general desire to benefit from the latest ideas and techniques that we are continually developing; in such a fast moving industry there’s usually something new you could benefit from.

Kinase will fully customise our support to your requirements:

  • Selection and deployment of Paid Search management technology, handling licensing, first-line software support and best practice.
  • A ‘transition team’ to take over day-to-day management from your old agency and migrate to your in-house team.
  • Recruitment and training of your in-house team, establishing processes and practices to insulate you from staff attrition in the future.
  • Ongoing support via performance and strategy audits, development planning and continuing professional development.

Kinase in-housing clients include: WEX, Really Moving.