Google Shopping Relaunch

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Kinase Briefings, Shopping | 0 comments


  • Google Shopping is being relaunched to make it a more personalised, unified and user-friendly experience.

  • Google have rolled this out in initially in US and France, with the UK to come in Q1 2020.

  • This isn’t a small change – it’s a substantial step up to enable Shopping to continue competing with Amazon. It is aimed at driving higher conversion rates and at increasing the amount of searches and length of time spent in Shopping.

Google have added four key areas of functionality:

Personalised product recommen-dations – products are suggested to consumers and will surface to those Google thinks are likely to buy.

Price tracking – consumers will be able to track price drops and be alerted when items they are watching drop in price. 

Local product search – increasing the strength of localisation, enabling users to search for particular items or shops in their local area.

Instant in-app purchase – Shopping will be integrated with other Google products (YouTube, Images, Search) with a universal cart, enabling customers to complete a purchase more easily.

More Key Details

  • On the web, the Shopping homepage will reflect the changes.

  • In app, the current Google Express app will become an all purpose Google Shopping app.

  • Existing Showcase Ads and Shopping Actions (for Google Assistant) will expand across Google products.

  • In-store pick-up options – currently a beta for US, details to be confirmed.


This move is a big step in the existing direction of travel. Retailers need to ensure that their feed management and optimisation is dynamic and able to respond to conversion data. 

Kinase is also strengthening our in-house expertise on the technical side of feed creation and implementation to ensure that we stay best place to advise and consult on these changes.


We believe this change will combine Amazon’s personalisation with Google’s ability to match search queries with revenue driving ads and products.

Next Steps

  • Kinase will continue to keep its clients briefed on Shopping opportunities and requirements. 

  • Check the new ‘Shopping actions’ eligibility criteria with your Google representative.

  • This is a big and positive change coming soon which should be good for both consumers and advertisers.